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Creating a framework to support holistic development in Design Education

What is CODE?

  • CODE is a distinguished authority in curriculum and pedagogy development.
  • Specializes in domain-specific faculty and student advancement, admissions coordination, and branding and outreach management.

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  • Choosing education with values is considered error-free.
  • CODE-EDU Services emphasizes the incorporation of values into the realm of education.

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CODE-EDU Services: Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures - Bridging Global Standards in Education

  • Modules for the specialized development of students
  • Collaborations on a national and global scale
  • Models aimed at optimizing resources
  • Expertise and mentorship from experienced mentors
  • Research and development, along with intellectual property development.

Our Motto

The fundamental vision of CODE-EDU SERVICES is to deliver globally recognized creative education, consistently striving to advance new knowledge and enhance capacity in student learning towards better societies.

The central aim of CODE-EDU SERVICES is to formulate a curriculum that facilitates critical evaluation through hands-on learning and Research and Development, empowering individuals to evolve into proficient design professionals.

  • Focus Areas of CODE:

    • CODE is dedicated to elevating non-STEM courses like design, architecture, visual arts.
    • Specifically targets higher education institutes for its innovative learning services.

  • Founding Members:

    • The founding members of CODE have a collective 20+ years of experience.
    • The ed-tech is at the forefront of creative and liberal arts education in India.

  • Philosophy of Design Education:

    • Design education transcends traditional syllabus-based learning.
    • Creativity and its application are emphasized over mere reliance on books and notes.

  • Role of Design Educators:

    • Design educators go beyond being instructors or professors.
    • They assume the roles of trendsetters and ideators with a mission to shape a brighter future.

Our Strengths

Essence of Design:
  • CODE-EDU Services believes that the essence of design comes from discipline.
  • Incorporating values into education is deemed imperative in fostering a deeper understanding of design.
Continuous Innovation:
  • The organization is committed to continuously striving for novel and imaginative methods to tackle design obstacles.
  • Aims to expand horizons in the field of design education.
Culture of Collaboration:
  • Encouraging a culture of collaboration and mutual support is seen as essential.
  • This culture extends among designers, staff members, and franchises.
  • Fostering effective teamwork and cooperation is a key goal.
Excellence in Design Endeavours:
  • CODE-EDU Services is dedicated to pursuing the utmost standards of quality and artistry in every design endeavour.
  • Excellence characterizes their approach to design education.
Integrity in Business Practices:
  • Upholding integrity is a core value.
  • Engaging in business activities with utmost honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct is emphasized in all interactions.

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