From Fit to Fashion: CSIR-CLRI's 'Bha' System Set to Elevate Footwear Standards in India

In an effort to completely transform the Indian footwear market, CSIR-CLRI, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - Central Leather Research Institute, has unveiled a cutting-edge system called "Bha." With the help of this system, customers should be able to try on different sizes of shoes before the full rollout, which is scheduled for 2025, occurs. Let's explore the ways in which the 'Bha' system is expected to positively impact the Indian footwear market.

Customers' discomfort and discontent have been caused by sizing irregularities, a problem the Indian footwear industry has long struggled with. CSIR-CLRI has introduced the 'Bha' system as a proactive measure after realizing this problem. This system offers a more accurate and personalized sizing experience, aiming to solve the long-standing issue of poorly fitting shoes.

The 'Bha' system is based on an exacting procedure that examines foot shapes and dimensions to produce an extensive sizing chart. With the use of cutting-edge technology and scientific research, CSIR-CLRI hopes to create a uniform sizing system that meets the various demands of Indian consumers. It is anticipated that this standardized procedure will improve manufacturing efficiency and decrease waste.

The 'Bha' system is a user-centric design that allows customers to try on different sizes before purchasing, increasing satisfaction and reducing returns and exchanges. It saves time and money for manufacturers and retailers, and encourages customer loyalty by allowing users to make informed decisions based on their foot profiles.

The 'Bha' system, implemented by CSIR-CLRI, is expected to benefit the footwear industry by increasing foot traffic, improving brand reputation, reducing production costs, and enhancing sustainability by extending product lifespans and reducing waste.

The Indian footwear industry is set to adopt the 'Bha' system in 2025, expected to revolutionize manufacturing, sales, and consumer experience. This innovation, backed by CSIR-CLRI, is expected to bring a brighter future.