Assam down town University

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Program Details

  • Specializations:
    • Fashion & Textile
    • Interior & Product
    • UX & Communication
  • Course Duration: 4 years
  • Eligibility: Completion of 12th grade with a minimum of 50% marks, along with successful completion of AIDAT Exam.

In the heart of the North Eastern Region of India, Assam down town University stands tall as a testament to quality, accessibility, and innovation in education. With a commitment to merging academia and industry, fostering diversity, and consistently striving for excellence, ADTU has become a preferred choice for those seeking holistic education in Assam. Assam down town University has been a pioneer of modern global education that inspires its students to think critically, learn across disciplinary boundaries, engage in research and focus on values of highest order. The journey of the university started with down town Charity Trust that established this institution in 2010 nestled in the scenic surroundings of Panikhaiti, Chandrapur, Guwahati. It had resolved to provide affordable quality education to the people of the North Eastern Region of India. Since then, this university has worked its ways to become a beacon of modern education and innovation.

Government Recognition:
down town Charity Trust's endeavour was officially recognized by the Assam Government. In 2010, the educational project in Panikhaiti received university status, a milestone marked by Assam Gazette No.LGL.9/2010/11.

Why Assam?

  • Assam, like many other regions in India, has a rich cultural heritage. The diversity in traditions, arts, and crafts can serve as a valuable source of inspiration for design students. Exposure to local culture can enhance the students' understanding of design in a broader context.
  • Choosing a location that is accessible to students from various parts of the region promotes inclusivity. If Assam is strategically located or has good connectivity, it may attract students from neighbouring states and contribute to a diverse student community.

Assam has a strong tradition of traditional crafts, handloom, and indigenous arts. Integrating these regional artistic traditions into the design curriculum can provide students with a unique and culturally rich learning experience.

Design education in Assam may involve collaborations with local artisans and craftsmen. Such partnerships can offer students hands-on experiences and opportunities to apply their design skills in real-world projects, fostering a deeper connection with the local community.

If the Assam government supports educational initiatives and has policies conducive to creative education, it could be a motivating factor for CODE-EDU Services to establish a presence in the region.

Assam's natural beauty and serene environment could contribute to a holistic learning experience. A campus surrounded by greenery and scenic landscapes can create a conducive atmosphere for creativity and academic focus.

Establishing a presence in Assam may align with a commitment to community engagement. Educational institutions often aim to contribute to the development of the local community and economy by providing quality education and fostering skill development.

It's important to note that the specific reasons for choosing Assam by CODE-EDU Services would be best obtained directly from official communications or the institution's representatives. If there have been developments or decisions made after my last update in January 2022, I recommend checking the latest information from official sources or contacting CODE-EDU Services directly for accurate details on their decision to offer design education in Assam.